Vehicle safety tips – Oil changes

As the miles on the speedometer keep on adding up it becomes difficult to predict when one changes the engine oil of their vehicles. The engine is the heart of your vehicle. And this heart  requires oil in its veins. This oil helps in providing the cushion to reduce friction between moving parts and also helps in carrying impurities away by running the engine smoothly. Thus, it naturally becomes the most essential part that proper and clean supply of oil is provided.

Given below are few tips which would assist you when you could change your vehicles engine oil.

Take guidance from the manual

Generally oil change information is always there in the maintenance chapter of your owner’s manual. Many automakers also put their manuals online these days. In many instances, you will find that the owner’s manual lists at least two service schedules. These are based on the driving conditions. The “normal” and “severe” or “special” driving conditions are a few categories in which they are classified. Read the descriptions carefully to see which schedule best suits how you drive and then follow the procedures based on that.

Check your Oil life monitor

Your vehicle has an oil life monitor.  Its complexity would be varying. They are dependent upon mileage and your driving conditions. It switches on a maintenance light when there is a need for a change. They do this by constantly taking information from various sensors all through the vehicle.  Then afterwards they use the same to calculate the life of your oil. Taking consideration of your driving habits your oil progressions can also differ; keep an eye on that.

Use the time estimate

Do you have a weekend car or do you drive very rarely? If not then the average time estimated according to your manual will be anywhere from 3000-7500 kms. However the generally accepted practice suggests to change your oil in every 3000-4000 kms depending on your driving conditions. Again, define your driving conditions pretty well.
If you cannot get your oil changed on time, ask your service representative guy for a premium oil change. This would provide a superior and a long lasting protection.

Get your Oil analyzed

Oil examination is very important. An oil examination will let you know the state of your current, in use oil. It can additionally uncover any issues that your motor may be facing. Some sample tests can show some traces of fuel and coolant in the engine oil, which are early signs of engine problems. When you get back the results , you will also get a recommendation on how much further you can go between oil changes.

Remember, oil flows in the veins of the heart of your car. It is very important. Give it the attention it demands.

Hyundai’s Santa Cruz and A Pickup Truck



Let us begin on a lighter note, yet with some philosophical thoughts. I have always maintained that there are many combinations in life that should never happen. I stay firm on it till date. For instance ice cream and raw mince, guns and children,Kardashians and…well anything – all things we’d rather not think about. Yet there are some matches that should be considered and become acceptable and catchy in due course of time; and in this example, I’m talking about a Hyundai illustrated in ‘Pickup Truck’ format.


It was not that long back. Let us, just for a moment, shift our attention to a certain event.Rewind  back to this year’s Detroit Motor Show and you’ll no doubt recall Hyundai revealing its Santa Cruz compact utility concept. It was Hyundai’s interpretation of a vehicle that would cater and provide a solution to a business statement of people; these sort of folks need something slightly more practical than an SUV, but not a full-blown pickup. It is quite intricate and the niches have to be taken care of, if a sustainable let alone a mind blowing design was to be provided.


Recipe for great success may you say? Remember the Subaru Baja? I’m not so sure that it would be a cash cow like Hyundai would want it to be.


However, that is a different story, of a different chapter and of a different book entirely. Let us move that concept to one side and focus our concentration at something that could do big things for the Seoul-based manufacturer; I’m talking about a smaller, mid-size truck that looks great with decent off-road and haulage capabilities. Sure, Hyundai and “truck” may be foreign for those looking at a Tacoma, Colorado or Frontier; yet I think with the right attributes it could do well.


Firstly, the design has to appeal and I guess not only appeal but make a permanent place in the mind of the consumer; in this instance, a rugged take on Hyundai’s “Fluidic Precision” design language would mix the current corporate look with aggressive creases and diagonal design elements.


The brand’s signature hexagonal front grille (which the rest of the industry seems to be hell-bent on using) sits proudly between recessed LED headlamps, while prominent air inlets house the fog-lights.


Protective plastic cladding protects the lower portion of the body, whilst the rear has a separated cargo bed for other utilitarian configurations. There is only so much you can do with the design of a pickup’s glasshouse – so here it’s rather traditional looking, with a hint of Santa Cruz in the C-Pillars.


Under the hood would ideally sit Hyundai’s current 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbo from the Sonata; coupled with a new electric-hybrid for fuel efficiency and low-end torque. Power would be sent via an all-wheel drive system and a 6-speed manual or 7-speed dual clutch auto from the all-new Tucson SUV.


Unlike the Santa Cruz concept which could be based off the new Tucson, this 5-seat compact truck would need to be body-on-frame for better stiffness and load-carrying capacity; unfortunately Hyundai doesn’t have such a dedicated platform, so would need to develop this type of vehicle from the ground up with a lot of investment.


Whilst this offering might have its work cut out for it and be operative in a very specific way in the United States of America-land, it could do very well in other parts of the globe like Europe and Asia-Pacific. Light commercial sales in these areas are generally dominated by the likes of Toyota’s Hilux, Ford Ranger (global version), Mitsubishi Triton/L200 and Nissan Navara/Frontier.

Ultimately, this is just my interpretation of a Hyundai pickup, we’d love to know your thoughts on whether or not Hyundai should build such a vehicle in the comments section below.

Do we really need to idle our cars?

Winter is that time of the year when a lot of people let their vehicle warm up or idle before driving. To mention a fact, today’s modern cars are ready to drive in cold temperatures without excessive idling.

In today’s day cars, the only reasons for which you need to idle is when you are trying to defrost the windshield or warm the interior of your car. But other than that, idling is not required for today’s vehicles. In most cases, idling longer than 30 seconds is not necessary. The best way to warm up the engine of your car is to drive gently at the start. Always remember, a vehicle gets zero miles per gallon when idling and the result is lower fuel economy and wasted money and of course lesser efficiency.

The old cars which were built with carburettors. The idea of idling before driving dates back to this time. We get cars new fuel injection technology these days. With this technology, complex computer systems and thinner and better synthetic oils. With all these things, drivers do not need to warm up their cars before hitting the road.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), when a car idles for more than 30 seconds, it has several negative effects. We are basically increasing air pollution unnecessarily, wasting fuel and money, and also causing excessive wear and tear or even damaging engine components of a car. The cylinders, spark plugs, and the exhaust system do get in danger of getting damaged because of this. A lot of people believe that idling is a good way to warm your car. But contrary to popular belief, it is not a very effective way to warm up most of the car engines.

Prolong your car life

We would all like to keep our cars for our entire lifetime, and that is quite a fact. Inspite of this fact that how we would like keep our cars for long, not everybody will have the persistence and luck to do the same. You could however extend the lifetime of your cars by trying to lessen the probability  of mechanical accidents. The following are a few things that are fundamental and can be applied to any vehicle.

Follow your vehicle schedule: This may appear as an easy decision, but is not. There are still an excessive amount of car owners out there who pay very less or no attention to the vehicle maintenance plan as it is laid out in the manual of the owner. What one really fails to understand is that the manufacture has assembled the car. Those are the people who would be the right people to realize what is best for it.

Regularly Check the Fluids and Tire Pressure: Now this is something that takes only about 5 to  10 minutes. With a piece of cloth and the engine cool, just open the hood of the car and pull out the oil dipstick. Wipe it clean. and then reinsert it and take it out again for a brisk check of your engine oil. The engine oil is the most essential motor liquid. Other things to be checked are – Radiator fluid, Brake oil, Power steering fluid level, Air cleaner, Transmission fluid. Do spend at least some time on each of them.

Along with that, Do not forget to check your tires for any wears and tears to avoid any mishaps. Ideally, one should perform all these activities once a week, but there is nothing as ideal is it? In the real world, one month is just fine.

Listen for odd noises: Many a times, one does not know what each sound of their cars mean. Here are a few of cases that one needs to understand –

– A clicking noise when you are driving could be a nail stuck in a tire; take it off as soon as you can.

– If it is time for new brakes, you might hear the loud squealing sound of the brake wear indicators.

– If you hear a scraping or grinding noise while applying the brakes, it could mean that the brake pads are so low that metal to metal contact is already happening, time to change it.

At such instances, do get it checked at your nearest service center.

Drive Calmly: Always take it easy on the car when you drive it. Easily apply your breaks when you drive your car. Vigorous driving does no good to you, it only damages your car even more and nothing else.

These all are pretty straightforward steps. These steps may connect to practically any vehicle, and will help you take a proactive approach to administering and taking care of your vehicle.

Cleaning Your Car – Here Are 5 Bizarre Ideas!


Sunday morning it is, and you want to relax and go out on a date or for shopping? But do you wish to go out with a dirty and messy car – people who love their cars, never like it untidy! Today I am going to help you with some tricky, unexpected and new ideas to clean your car and make it look as new as ever. So, before getting ready for your day out- spend some time cleaning your car and trust me it is going to give you a delightful feeling and you won’t stop flaunting about your car.

Following are some ideas, which will help your car look brand new.

1- Your car windows need extra care.


Your car windows and windshield is a complete mess and you plan to wash your car, but you are short of time? Here’s how you can do it quickly- if you have baby wipes or skin care wipes handy with you, make it your equipment to clean the windows and windshield of your car by rubbing them gently and removing all the dust. You will be surprised when you see the results.

2- The body of your car needs to shine.

Use a hair conditioner for a sparkling and shiny car- yes! It works. Your hair conditioner contains a element called “lanolin “which gives you beautiful and shiny hair, similarly it will give a shine to the body of your car, and you will believe it when you see it- so go ahead and try it!

3- Your car’s twinkling headlights.

Keep the headlights of your car polished and glossy by applying a window cleaner and rubbing them with a soft cloth or a towel. I am sure you all use a liquid spray cleaner to get rid of the unwanted dust on other objects in the house, try using it on your headlights and people won’t stop admiring your efforts.

4- Cleaning your blades.


If the wipers of your car are dirty- they can smudge of the glass. You can keep the blades clean and safe, by making a quick solution. In a bowl- take ¼ cup of ammonia and 1 cup cold water, mix it well and rub it on both sides of the blades and wipe the blades with a soft cloth or towel.

5- Cleaning your mats

You can clean your car carpets by using your shampoo-oh yes! Your hair shampoo, isn’t it great? Take out the carpets, vacuum them and pour the shampoo and some water on the mats and now it’s time for you to use your hands- take a brush and clean the surface properly, especially if you notice any stains. Lay them out to dry and put them back in your car as new.

Cleaning your car can be trouble-free if you follow these out of the ordinary ideas. Get ready to exhibit your almost new car with these tricks. And the added advantage to these steps are- that you don’t have to spend extra money on buying the car washing equipment’s. Try it and believe it!

New Audi R8 Could Get V6, Diesel And RWD Over Its Lifecycle




While Audi is all set and raring to go for  launching its all-new Lambo Huracan chassis-based R8 exclusively with the V10 engine and all-wheel drive, the excitement now knows no bounds. There is a specific reason behind it, or maybe six of them! The fact of the matter is  the range will be expanded as time progresses and will obviously shape up and fine tune for the better. The new platform apparently allows for much more flexibility than before, so we could even see a V6-engined car with drive going exclusively to the rear.

At the other end of the scales, we could see a hardcore GT3 variant. Heck, even a diesel is said to be considered, according to R8 technical lead Roland Schala.

He said “we’re not quite sure what the next step is,” but that “the V6 is a perfect engine for this kind of car. We have a lot of potential with the V6, from 400bhp upwards, so it’s possible.”

He added that the idea of a diesel in the new R8 was discussed, “but is it the right step to bring it in?” Schala finished off by saying “it would certainly make us unique, but you need more technology around the engine to keep it clean.”

Another way they could take it would be down the electrification route.

Finally, it seems the new R8 has not been confirmed with a manual gearbox, which is a shame. The manual is still the way to go and an automatic transmission is still considered to be, well, kind of amateurish.The one thing that has been established at launch is that it will surely have a dual clutch, but will they also offer the manual at the start, or at all?

2016 McLaren 675LT Review



Showcasing today McLaren’s hot and brand new 675LT , a higher-performance variant of the 650S. There is a bit of trivia in its nomenclature and etymology since the  LT portion of its name is derived from the wild 1997 F1 GT “Longtail” homologation special. That rare and hard to be seen  McLaren menaced as well as cruised  the road with radically lengthened bodywork, racy and structured aerodynamics, and a better power-to-weight ratio than the car on which it was based. The 675LT has two of those things, but its tail? Quite vestigial, we’d say.

In fact, the 675LT is just 1.5 inches longer than the 650S, and it appears a decent stretch of that extra length comes from the sports car’s epic chin splitter. The rest goes to a slightly longer active rear spoiler that McLaren claims is 50 percent larger than the one fitted to the 650S. McLaren says that a “focus on outright performance, weight reduction, and ultimate levels of driver engagement” define a Longtail, so maybe here we are kind of missing the point and we’re just being too literal. That said, the mighty F1 GT Longtail got more tail—the car was a full 25 inches longer than the regular F1. Furthermore, not to mention a full aero kit was present which  entirely altered and modified ( for the good or bad, depends on the perception)  the supercar’s visuals.

Setting aside the 675LT’s length issue, there’s little question it’ll be an epic thing to drive. That feeling of driving satisfaction which has always been delivered by a McLaren, is also experienced quite distinctly.   The 650S on which it is based is no slouch, and McLaren says it swapped out more than a third of that car’s parts to reduce weight and increase power. Standout and distinctive, in all sense of the term, visual differences include a louvered plexiglass rear window; a contoured, P1-like rear fascia with thin horizontal LED taillights and two big titanium exhaust outlets; a plethora and an ocean of extra scoops and vents which would consume the entire article if stated individually; and a carbon-fiber aerodynamics package. The 675LT is 220 pounds lighter than the 650S, thanks to the plastic rear window, additional carbon-fiber body panels, a redesigned exhaust system, and carbon-fiber seat shells.

The same twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 bolted between the 650S’s rear wheels is present here, but McLaren massaged it for an extra 25 horsepower and 16 lb-ft of torque. While the car’s name is based upon and drawn from its 675 metric power, we tabulate and make a judgement it is something satanically different , quite literally. We suspect that the etymology study might give us results that may root to the number  666; obviously the hat tip towards its  devilish horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. With less McLaren to haul around, the V-8 punches the 675LT to 62 mph in a claimed 2.9 seconds—0.1 quicker than McLaren’s stated time for the 650S—and on to a top speed of 205 mph. The LT uses the 650S’s seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, and power is still routed to the pavement through the rear wheels.

Unlike, say, the P1 GTR that McLaren is also debuting at the Geneva auto show, the track-focused 675LT is still road-legal. The interior is “stripped out” but it’s no penalty box—the sweet carbon-shelled seats, for example, are upholstered in faux suede and are similar to those fitted to the P1 hypercar. And if the 650S’s magical adaptive suspension is any indication, the LT should maintain a decent and a satisfying  ride quality to say the least. Production of the coupe-only, roughly $345,000 675LT will be limited to an as-yet-unannounced figure. Deliveries will commence in autumn 2015.

McLaren is quite evidently and clearly looking to spin its two (soon to be three) model lines into various offshoots and special editions, both to keep things fresh and to keep wealthy customers lining up at its door. The prospective look ever impressive and also the general feeling among the rich audiences and customers is that of excitement comprising of that ‘ cannot wait ‘ feeling. The 675LT is a worthy addition to be sure, but we can’t help but wish it pulled more tail, in more ways than one!


Q&A with Cadillac boss Johan de Nysschen




It was just more than 24 hours after Cadillac’s “Dare Greatly” advertising campaign showcasing the new top-of-the-line CT6 gloriously debuted during the Oscars broadcast, the oft-irreverent auto industry Web log scored a precious hour of the Caddy boss’ time — it was an indeed rare opportunity of window for proud owners of Cadillac, luxury-brand enthusiasts, curious onlookers and spectators and even a dealer or two to get unfiltered and uninterrupted access to a top brand executive.

Johan de Nysschen was peppered and bombarded with a questionnaire which comprised of all kinds of questions and queries — some were really thoughtful and gave you the sense that the asker had put in a shift of study before coming out with those words, some were sharply pointed and brought about an awkward silence nonetheless Johan dodged a few but most he answered quite meticulously enough, some tongue-in-cheek — about the “Dare Greatly” campaign, about the mighty and at the same time argued decision to move Cadillac’s headquarters to New York, its criticized pricing strategy, current product, future product plans, stunning concepts that didn’t make production, the brand’s naming conventions and more. All the topics were well covered and that session of questions and answers gave a real insight about the company’s upcoming expeditions.

While de Nysschen, quite obviously and understandably owing to his very busy schedule,  couldn’t answer and respond to all of the overwhelming amount of questions, he reverted back to as many as possible. On occasions he would give it back to some smart alecks. He thought on his feet and gave smart retorts seeming he had an ace up his sleeve. For an instance, Q: Will the next gen ATS and CTS have a usable backseat? A: Depends what you want to use it for! Such incidences came like embellishments and lightened the whole mood of the audience compulsing smirks out of the onlookers.

How much response did Jalopnik generate with the Q&A? As of 2 p.m. today, 2 hours and 15 minutes after it went live, more than 380 comments.

Those weren’t just some mere words or thoughts, they represented and highlighted the mentality, work process and objective of the Organisation as a whole. The passionate response underscores the marketing challenges facing Cadillac — a brand whose most recent products have received critical praise but are struggling to compete against its luxury counterparts for demanding, brand-conscious customers.

Falling sales

Cadillac, once the king of luxury for in the U.S. for decades, saw its annual sales fall 11 percent in 2014 amid concerns about overproduction and high pricing. Audi — whose turnaround in the U.S. was engineered by de Nysschen. Yes, he was the man at the apex and he headed the major revolutionary changes that took place and brought back the wheels on track. Subsequently, passed Cadillac for the first time last year, making Caddy the No. 5 brand in the U.S.

In addition, Cadillac’s line is narrower than those of BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, etc. It doesn’t have a small luxury crossover in what’s been a white-hot segment, nor does it have an entry in the small, niche wagon or convertible markets — points responded to by de Nysschen today.

It was clear today that Cadillac has people rooting for it, but many of them disappointed with the brand’s direction. To be fair to de Nysschen, he hasn’t been at the helm for long — only since Aug. 1 of last year — and he has made it clear that Cadillac’s turnaround won’t happen overnight. He saw further evidence today that he has his work cut out for him.

De Nysschen deserves credit for putting himself out there. It was a situation tailor made by reporters and journalists, wherein the person in the limelight was on the back foot and it was a podium for them to flurry him with awkward questions and eventually make him uncomfortable. Not many executives of a struggling brand would expose themselves to potential ridicule that has become far too typical in such online forums. And, perhaps, this was an exercise in gathering the valuable marketing data he needs to get Cadillac back on track — and back on people’s shopping lists.

Q&A sampling

Here’s is a sampling of reader questions and de Nysschen’s responses.

And, if you wanted to ask him anything, what would it be?

Let’s first take a look at this sneak peek which would help you to gauge how the company will function in the next few years.

On the CT6 preview during the Oscars:

The Oscars has a sophisticated audience, and it’s a convenient opportunity to reach them. The new Cadillac brand campaign is a statement of our brand values — it’s about attitude, mindset and philosophy. It explains who we are and what we stand for. We are a bold and confident American icon with a proud heritage. We will continue to innovate and push boundaries and not shy away from taking risks. The CT6 reflects this attitude and we wanted to offer a tantalizing glimpse of the future.

On Infiniti’s alphanumeric naming scheme created under his leadership there, and Cadillac’s future naming conventions:

I don’t really feel like explaining Infiniti’s naming scheme, but I’ll do it anyway. Q is for cars and coupes, QX for crossovers and SUVs. The bigger the number, the more expensive the car. Simple.

As far as Cadillac is concerned, we are planning a dramatic expansion to the future Cadillac product range, and we simply could not find room to create names for these cars within the existing Cadillac naming convention.

On Cadillac’s “frame of mind” in deciding to move its HQ to New York:

I’m very fond of Detroit. This is where I first came to when I moved to the U.S.; I even got married here. The decision to move to New York has nothing to do with my personal preferences. Quite frankly, I’d be quite happy to stay in Detroit, myself.

We are establishing Cadillac as a more autonomous, separate business, and we need to create some space to the General Motors Corporation. If we don’t have geographic separation, then processes and the way of doing business will not change and we run the risk of continuing to apply successful strategies aimed at mainstream brands to the Cadillac business as well. The majority of our operations will, in fact, remain in Michigan.

On diesel plans:

We will have four-cylinder and six-cylinder diesel engines, but not before 2019.

On future plans for a convertible:

I think it’s time that Cadillac gets a convertible back in the lineup, but it will take a few years. We are working on many different projects.

On the lack of a manual-transmission wagon:

Apart from you and me, and a handful of huge enthusiasts, there are not too many eccentric souls demanding a high-performance, manual-transmission wagon. So we have many other priorities. I’m pleased to remind that we are driving enthusiasts at Cadillac, and so ATS and ATS-V are available with stick shift. Awesome driver’s cars!


What Your First Car Says – About Your Personality.

© Scott O. Smith, All Rights Reserved

Did you just get a brand new car – and is it your first car? Well, if it is – I am so sure that you are already head over heels for your car. Did you know – that your car reveals a lot about your personality. It varies from color to size for example: the color red is for the young and who’d like speed in their life similarly if you are driving an SUV – then you are more of practical and safety person. We all have that habit of associating a certain car to a person.

So let’s find out what do you drive – and how that defines you as a person.

1 – Small Cars

People who drive small cars are the practical ones – especially when you are driving in the city. You are doing a favor on yourself by driving these cars as they are small, Compaq and convenient. With the kind of traffic that you deal with  – it becomes important to chose a car practically, keeping in mind all the important aspects especially parking – small car drivers are not basically attention seekers , but they do have a reliable car – and a lot of parking space.


2 – Midsized family car

If you own a midsized car – it means that you are a family man. You are not a complete travel freak – but you wanted a car with some extra space – so that the complete family can enjoy a ride. You can also take a short trip – and all your luggage is going to easily fit in your car. You opted for a car – that becomes a car for the entire family and obviously keeping in mind the budget – a midsized car is perfect for you.

3 – Luxurious cars

Well, now who doesn’t want a luxurious car? Let’s face it – we all want it! It is just that – the added constraints attached to it, held us back. Luxurious cars are for executives, business owners and celebrities. Owners of these cars independent and well to do – and these cars become a status symbol for them. Luxurious cars are for those who earn the big bucks!


4 – SUV’s

If you own an SUV – then you probably have a big family or is it just the size that matters? A lot of people are attracted towards buying a SUV” as they like more adventure in their lives. If you are also looking for some adventure or you want to take the complete family along with you – This is your car. You just have to accept that “parking” your car will be a big problem.

5 – Extra Luxurious cars – Sports cars.

These cars are for the young and the rich. People who like a lot of speed and attention in their lives – generally go for a sports car. And it is ok to flaunt your car – because not everyone can afford one these days.  Sports cars owners are full of life and they like to be the centre of attraction. Today’s youth dreams of becoming the owner of sports car – yes! That’s the dream.


It is not just the type of car that says a lot about you – but also the color. For Example: Red for the ones who like speed and adventure, black for those who are aggressive and silver for those who are calm.  It depends on you whether you want a car for your convenience or luxury – but it will always send of some message about your personality.



Celebrating the Citroen DS



It is amazing how time goes by. The children have grown up, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin are an alien name to this modern generation who are prone to Snoop Lions ( or may be dogs) and Eminems and the cars that were the apple of the eye, at the same time, the signature of your stature have now become obsolete as far as design is concerned. Nonetheless, they still remain to occupy that special place in your heart and really give you a sense of those times when everything is becoming modern.!

Jumping to the topic, the iconic Citroën DS to celebrate its 60th birthday at the London Classic Car Show (January 8-11). Unbelievable, isn’t it?

The DS (pronounced Déesse, the French word for Goddess) was launched at the 1955 Paris Motor Show where its avant-garde design stunned show goers.

At a time when most cars were rear-wheel drive and running on old-fashioned ‘cart springs’, the DS19’s futuristic specification featured front-wheel drive, hydropneumatic self levelling suspension, a semi-automatic gearbox and even a fibreglass roof to lower the centre of gravity.

The homage to the DS and its sibling the ID (pronounced Idée, French for Idea) at the show being staged at the ExCeL International Exhibition Centre in London’s Docklands, will include a number of different examples including the Break or Safari estate car and the highly collectable convertible or décapotable.

Two classic DS models will be on display on the DS show stand – a 1972 DS21 Prestige and an exceptionally rare 1966 DS21 Décapotable with coachwork by Henri Chapron.

In addition to the static display, DS models will also make a number of star appearances on ‘The Grand Avenue’ – a unique motoring catwalk allowing the most iconic cars to be fired up and driven around the show.

The DS cars will be a 1967 Citroën ID21 Safari, a 1972 DS Group V rally prototype; a 1961 ID19 and the DS 5 used by President Hollande at his inauguration.

And bringing the story right up to date, the London Classic Car Show marks the UK debut of the new, stand-alone DS brand. The separation of Citroën and DS was announced on 1 June and the two marques exhibited side by side as two distinct brands for the first time in Europe at October’s Paris Motor Show.

The award-winning DS 3 – shown in Ultra Prestige form – and a flagship DS 5 Hybrid4 will represent the current range.