What can be the perfect Mobility Car for Your Family

Ford C-MAX


In today’s modern world the technology has become so omnipotent that it is extremely hard to survive without a smartphone, a computer and a car. The times are such that in a family gathering or let us say even at dinner table, interactions have become few and far. Relatives and family members talk less among each other and post statuses more on Facebook. The ‘nocialite’ is growing because of the ‘socialite’. In between such scenarios there are only a few situations when the whole family comes together and has a discussion. One such topic is choosing the car you want to buy. There are varied opinions and every single member of the family has his/her own requirement to be fulfilled. So we are going to make this decision a bit easier for you!.

A specially adapted mobility car is absolutely essential for a family on the go. Normal cars just don’t cut it when you need to be able to get your disabled child in and out of a car comfortably and safely. Fortunately, car manufacturers have a great range of modified vehicles to suit your needs, many of which are available under the fantastic Motability scheme.


Choosing a new car can be very exciting, but choosing a new mobility car requires some careful consideration that doesn’t apply to regular vehicles.


These are some of the things you should consider in your new mobility car:

  • Access – This is one of the most important aspects of a new mobility vehicle. It’s no good if you can’t get your child in and out as you need to. Many providers are happy to allow demonstrations, so make sure you check that you are comfortable with how the access system works. This can vary from car to car, and also depends on whether your child will be travelling in the wheelchair or a passenger seat.

  • Safety – As a parent, your child’s safety is paramount, so it’s always a good idea to find out how the car is rated in safety tests. Generally, mobility cars are chosen for their excellent safety ratings.

  • Size – Just as with all other cars, motability cars come in a great many shapes and sizes. You should consider what you need your car to do. If you might need to get an electric scooter in the back of the car, then ensure there is enough space to stow it. Similarly, if you are likely to carry several passengers, there needs to be enough seats for everyone. Some cars are converted from a standard model, which means they lose the back seats that you might expect to be there. Other cars however, have very flexible seating systems to suit whatever configuration you might need.

  • Visibility – If your child is going to remain in their wheelchair whilst in the car, then it is of course essential that they can see out. Some cars only have a van-like compartment at the back to store the wheelchair rather than a person. This might be fine if your child is going to transfer to a passenger seat, but it’s always a good idea to check.

  • Specification – Remember that this is still a car that you may have to drive and use every day, so all of the things that you’d consider in a normal car should be looked at too. You might need air conditioning, good storage space or an automatic gearbox. Providers will be happy to let you know what the car is equipped with.