Vehicle safety tips – Oil changes

As the miles on the speedometer keep on adding up it becomes difficult to predict when one changes the engine oil of their vehicles. The engine is the heart of your vehicle. And this heart  requires oil in its veins. This oil helps in providing the cushion to reduce friction between moving parts and also helps in carrying impurities away by running the engine smoothly. Thus, it naturally becomes the most essential part that proper and clean supply of oil is provided.

Given below are few tips which would assist you when you could change your vehicles engine oil.

Take guidance from the manual

Generally oil change information is always there in the maintenance chapter of your owner’s manual. Many automakers also put their manuals online these days. In many instances, you will find that the owner’s manual lists at least two service schedules. These are based on the driving conditions. The “normal” and “severe” or “special” driving conditions are a few categories in which they are classified. Read the descriptions carefully to see which schedule best suits how you drive and then follow the procedures based on that.

Check your Oil life monitor

Your vehicle has an oil life monitor.  Its complexity would be varying. They are dependent upon mileage and your driving conditions. It switches on a maintenance light when there is a need for a change. They do this by constantly taking information from various sensors all through the vehicle.  Then afterwards they use the same to calculate the life of your oil. Taking consideration of your driving habits your oil progressions can also differ; keep an eye on that.

Use the time estimate

Do you have a weekend car or do you drive very rarely? If not then the average time estimated according to your manual will be anywhere from 3000-7500 kms. However the generally accepted practice suggests to change your oil in every 3000-4000 kms depending on your driving conditions. Again, define your driving conditions pretty well.
If you cannot get your oil changed on time, ask your service representative guy for a premium oil change. This would provide a superior and a long lasting protection.

Get your Oil analyzed

Oil examination is very important. An oil examination will let you know the state of your current, in use oil. It can additionally uncover any issues that your motor may be facing. Some sample tests can show some traces of fuel and coolant in the engine oil, which are early signs of engine problems. When you get back the results , you will also get a recommendation on how much further you can go between oil changes.

Remember, oil flows in the veins of the heart of your car. It is very important. Give it the attention it demands.