New Audi R8 Could Get V6, Diesel And RWD Over Its Lifecycle




While Audi is all set and raring to go for  launching its all-new Lambo Huracan chassis-based R8 exclusively with the V10 engine and all-wheel drive, the excitement now knows no bounds. There is a specific reason behind it, or maybe six of them! The fact of the matter is  the range will be expanded as time progresses and will obviously shape up and fine tune for the better. The new platform apparently allows for much more flexibility than before, so we could even see a V6-engined car with drive going exclusively to the rear.

At the other end of the scales, we could see a hardcore GT3 variant. Heck, even a diesel is said to be considered, according to R8 technical lead Roland Schala.

He said “we’re not quite sure what the next step is,” but that “the V6 is a perfect engine for this kind of car. We have a lot of potential with the V6, from 400bhp upwards, so it’s possible.”

He added that the idea of a diesel in the new R8 was discussed, “but is it the right step to bring it in?” Schala finished off by saying “it would certainly make us unique, but you need more technology around the engine to keep it clean.”

Another way they could take it would be down the electrification route.

Finally, it seems the new R8 has not been confirmed with a manual gearbox, which is a shame. The manual is still the way to go and an automatic transmission is still considered to be, well, kind of amateurish.The one thing that has been established at launch is that it will surely have a dual clutch, but will they also offer the manual at the start, or at all?