Cleaning Your Car – Here Are 5 Bizarre Ideas!


Sunday morning it is, and you want to relax and go out on a date or for shopping? But do you wish to go out with a dirty and messy car – people who love their cars, never like it untidy! Today I am going to help you with some tricky, unexpected and new ideas to clean your car and make it look as new as ever. So, before getting ready for your day out- spend some time cleaning your car and trust me it is going to give you a delightful feeling and you won’t stop flaunting about your car.

Following are some ideas, which will help your car look brand new.

1- Your car windows need extra care.


Your car windows and windshield is a complete mess and you plan to wash your car, but you are short of time? Here’s how you can do it quickly- if you have baby wipes or skin care wipes handy with you, make it your equipment to clean the windows and windshield of your car by rubbing them gently and removing all the dust. You will be surprised when you see the results.

2- The body of your car needs to shine.

Use a hair conditioner for a sparkling and shiny car- yes! It works. Your hair conditioner contains a element called “lanolin “which gives you beautiful and shiny hair, similarly it will give a shine to the body of your car, and you will believe it when you see it- so go ahead and try it!

3- Your car’s twinkling headlights.

Keep the headlights of your car polished and glossy by applying a window cleaner and rubbing them with a soft cloth or a towel. I am sure you all use a liquid spray cleaner to get rid of the unwanted dust on other objects in the house, try using it on your headlights and people won’t stop admiring your efforts.

4- Cleaning your blades.


If the wipers of your car are dirty- they can smudge of the glass. You can keep the blades clean and safe, by making a quick solution. In a bowl- take ¼ cup of ammonia and 1 cup cold water, mix it well and rub it on both sides of the blades and wipe the blades with a soft cloth or towel.

5- Cleaning your mats

You can clean your car carpets by using your shampoo-oh yes! Your hair shampoo, isn’t it great? Take out the carpets, vacuum them and pour the shampoo and some water on the mats and now it’s time for you to use your hands- take a brush and clean the surface properly, especially if you notice any stains. Lay them out to dry and put them back in your car as new.

Cleaning your car can be trouble-free if you follow these out of the ordinary ideas. Get ready to exhibit your almost new car with these tricks. And the added advantage to these steps are- that you don’t have to spend extra money on buying the car washing equipment’s. Try it and believe it!