What Your First Car Says – About Your Personality.

© Scott O. Smith, All Rights Reserved

Did you just get a brand new car – and is it your first car? Well, if it is – I am so sure that you are already head over heels for your car. Did you know – that your car reveals a lot about your personality. It varies from color to size for example: the color red is for the young and who’d like speed in their life similarly if you are driving an SUV – then you are more of practical and safety person. We all have that habit of associating a certain car to a person.

So let’s find out what do you drive – and how that defines you as a person.

1 – Small Cars

People who drive small cars are the practical ones – especially when you are driving in the city. You are doing a favor on yourself by driving these cars as they are small, Compaq and convenient. With the kind of traffic that you deal with  – it becomes important to chose a car practically, keeping in mind all the important aspects especially parking – small car drivers are not basically attention seekers , but they do have a reliable car – and a lot of parking space.


2 – Midsized family car

If you own a midsized car – it means that you are a family man. You are not a complete travel freak – but you wanted a car with some extra space – so that the complete family can enjoy a ride. You can also take a short trip – and all your luggage is going to easily fit in your car. You opted for a car – that becomes a car for the entire family and obviously keeping in mind the budget – a midsized car is perfect for you.

3 – Luxurious cars

Well, now who doesn’t want a luxurious car? Let’s face it – we all want it! It is just that – the added constraints attached to it, held us back. Luxurious cars are for executives, business owners and celebrities. Owners of these cars independent and well to do – and these cars become a status symbol for them. Luxurious cars are for those who earn the big bucks!


4 – SUV’s

If you own an SUV – then you probably have a big family or is it just the size that matters? A lot of people are attracted towards buying a SUV” as they like more adventure in their lives. If you are also looking for some adventure or you want to take the complete family along with you – This is your car. You just have to accept that “parking” your car will be a big problem.

5 – Extra Luxurious cars – Sports cars.

These cars are for the young and the rich. People who like a lot of speed and attention in their lives – generally go for a sports car. And it is ok to flaunt your car – because not everyone can afford one these days.  Sports cars owners are full of life and they like to be the centre of attraction. Today’s youth dreams of becoming the owner of sports car – yes! That’s the dream.


It is not just the type of car that says a lot about you – but also the color. For Example: Red for the ones who like speed and adventure, black for those who are aggressive and silver for those who are calm.  It depends on you whether you want a car for your convenience or luxury – but it will always send of some message about your personality.