Citroen CX celebrates 40th



Let us begin with some short instances. Do you remember the time you were in College, bunking classes and hanging out with friends? do you remember the time your daughter was 10 and was spilling food all over her dress? Do you memorize your friend from school? Well, now you are no longer in college, you daughter is about to have a kid of her own and that friend from school recently celebrated his 50th birthday anniversary! To come back to context, you see that Citroen CX parked across the street? it is indeed hard to believe, but Citroen’s ground-breaking CX is 40 years old this year. Time has flown by and left us with golden memories.

Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 1974 and produced until 1991, the Citroën CX has reached a landmark birthday.

Bold and stylish, the CX was advanced for its time featuring a turbocharged diesel engine, a GTi version, updated hydropneumatic suspension for new standards of comfort and it was the first French car to be fitted with ABS brakes in 1985

It quickly established a reputation for exceptional comfort, advanced ergonomics and impeccable road holding, claiming the ‘Car of the Year’ award, ‘Safety Prize’ and ‘Award Auto Style’ in its first year on sale.

A rare sight on the roads of today, the CX was a huge success, selling more than 1.2 million globally up to 1991.

Designed by Robert Opron, the CX was a two-box saloon, measuring 4.63m in length. The aerodynamics of the CX played a key role in achieving its impressive levels of fuel efficiency and the acronym CX in itself illustrated the vehicle’s low drag coefficient – Cx being French for the aerodynamic coefficient Cd.

Over the next few years, Citroën continued to upgrade the CX with further technological improvements, including an estate version in 1975, a 2400 GTi electronic injection sports version in 1977 – considered as the fastest French tourer of its time – and a Prestige version in 1978, which was 28cm longer than the original car.

The CX was also very comfortable, inheriting the constant-height hydropneumatic suspension of the DS as well as the power-operated self-centring steering system seen on the SM in 1970.