Your Vehicles Next Season – Summer’s!


Are you ready for your next vacation, summer’s are around the corner and I am sure that you all are preparing for the heat. Getting your summer clothes out of the closet and all set to look as hot as the temperature? But wait, is your car ready for the next season – is it ready to face the heat and the dust? All this will take a toll on your car and you might a face a breakdown in the middle of the road and all you can do is to push it hard to the next service station.

Listen up carefully, if you want your vehicle to feel as fresh as you are for the next season.

1- Air Conditioning.

Now, this for me is the most important – because I am just not ready to face the heat and dust in my car. The operating system generally fails in the heat, get it scrutinized by a good mechanic.

Car Air Conditioner

2 – Tires.

Make it a point to check the tire pressure every month, and fill a little higher pressure in summer. Don’t forget a spare tire and also learn how to change it, you never know when your car gets a flat tire. A good condition jack and a tool box are two things that you may need- just in case!

3 – Brakes.

Get your brakes inspected every now and then. It is recommended to get your brakes examined by a competent technician whenever you observe grabbing noises and longer stopping distances.


4 – Lights.

Now, if you’re planning a road trip or wildlife safari- this becomes extremely important. Look over for all the lights and bulbs, change the one’s you think are not appropriate for the road trip and try not hitting a deer with your car.

5 – Battery.

This is one problem that can happen at any time of the year- batteries fail all the time. Check the fluids in your battery- but make sure you don’t come in contact with the battery acids. Wear an eye glare and rubber gloves while you scrutinize the battery, however it is recommended to get it checked by a professional.

6 – Emergencies.

These are very basic and important points that you need to keep in mind. A dirty windshield is a big no – no. Make sure you clean all the dirt around it, change your oil filters more often and always carry a first aid kit with you.


A flash light and all the numbers that you require for help should always be handy with you. Your driver’s license, car insurance and a phone charger won’t go wrong at all. Getting your car ready for the heat is not much of trouble, but be careful and take care of these easy-to-do points and you won’t face any problems. Be safe and have a happy summer!